"Star-Crossed" GoFundMe Reward Redemption

Scroll down to view rewards. Fill out the form below to provide us with shipping/contact information required to send you your digital and/or physical rewards from the "Star-Crossed" GoFundMe. Be sure to let us know your sizes/styles if you got any wearable merch. For any signed rewards, please let us know if you want any special notes or to have it made out to someone in the last box. Otherwise, we will just sign our respective names. If a section does not apply to your reward tier, simply type DNA (Does Not Apply) or NONE in the box.

Note: You CAN choose to take reward tiers of any combination that are equal to or lower than your donation amount if you prefer something different than the tier you reached (ex. you donated $200 but want the merch bundle + acoustic cover request instead of the private performance, OR just the merch bundle and wanted to donate more to the cause, OR you donated $100 but want two sweaters instead of the whole bundle). Simply select the tier(s) you wish to receive down below, and let us know in the last box of the form the details (if it is multiple of the same tier, if there are any special requests, etc). By default, we will only provide one signed copy of Star-Crossed with donations over $20. We'll verify your donation amount in the GoFundMe or contact you if there is any issues.

REMINDERS: Donations for size & style-specific reward tiers received AFTER MONDAY JULY 24, 2023 will be subject to availability. If you want to ensure you get the size and style you want, please donate and contact us prior to this date. Afterwards, we can not guarantee you will get the size/style you want, but we will try and get as close to it as possible!

We are also allowing a window of quite a few months for delivery to be on the safe side. Remember, these are effectively pre-orders for products that are to be made near the completion of the EP release. So please expect to give us until at least October 31, 2023 for delivery. We do think everything will be in your hands much sooner than that (around the TBD release date of the EP) barring any unexpected issues with finalizing & scheduling the recordings for release. Thank you again for your support on Star-Crossed. If you have any more questions or need help with anything involving your GoFundMe donation/rewards, please email us at: sasserofficial@gmail.com


Here are samples of all possible physical rewards from our GoFundMe campaign!
All shirts/hoodies available in sizes S-3XL.

"Star-Crossed" Physical Copy

Embroidered Logo Tee

Embroidered Logo Dad Hat

Embroidered Logo Hoodie OR Sweater

Disclaimer: Keep in mind, these are digital mock-ups for products that do not yet exist, so they are subject to change in size/style/color/shape/etc until finalized.